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  • Our Mission

    Mission of Aon-COFCO Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd.

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      Aon-COFCO is focused on sustaining our market leadership through our consistent, high quality client service and innovative risk solutions. By using our global network combined with our advanced risk management techniques, we are able to provide a diverse range of risk management solutions to our clients, assist in raising the standard of service in the insurance brokerage industry of China, and maintain the undisputed leading position in our chosen markets.

  • Aon-COFCO Milestone

    Memorabilia of Aon-COFCO Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd.

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      Mar. 2017, Aon China Global Solutions Symposium 2017 held in Beijing

      Aug. 2016, opening of Hangzhou Branch

      Jul. 2016, Manchester United Tour 2016 China: hosted a series of events to celebrate and engage clients, colleagues, and the community

      2015, Full year revenue exceeded 500M

      Mar. 2015, Aon-COFCO was the only risk management and insurance entity present at the Shanghai International Auto Show

      Apr. 2014, opening of Shenyang Branch

      Oct. 2013, the 10th Anniversary of Aon-COFCO

      Aug. 2012, opening of Shenzhen Branch

      Jul. 2012, Manchester United Tour in China: skills & drills session, invited youths from Shanghai Children's Home

      Oct. 2011, 5-Star Rating in credit rating by CIRC for the fifth consecutive year

      Aug. 2011, listed in the CIRC report as the Top 2 in terms of business income by 1st HY 2011

      Jan. 2011, Aon-COFCO’s chairwoman, Madam Wu, was named as one of 2010’s top 10 most influential persons in China’s economy

      Aug. 2010, 5-Star Rating in credit rating by CIRC

      Dec. 2009, 5-Star Rating in credit rating by CIRC, and listed as Top 3 in terms of  business income

      Feb. 2009, A-rating in credit rating by Shanghai Tax Bureau

      Nov. 2008, annual business income reached 10M

      Sep. 2008, 5-Star Rating in credit rating by CIRC

      Apr. 2008, opening of Chengdu Branch

      Sep. 2007, 5-Star Rating in the professional intermediaries credit rating by CIRC Shanghai

      Dec. 2006, premium handled sum up to 1B

      Aug. 2006, opening of Guangzhou Branch

      Jun. 2006, opening of Nanjing Branch

      Aug. 2005, opening of Beijing Branch

      Aug. 2004, premium handled sum up to 10M

      Dec. 2003, licensed by CIRC and officially began operations

  • Aon-COFCO Branches

    Information of Aon-COFCO branch offices

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