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Auto & Heavy Industry

Aon-COFCO Automotive & Heavy Industry is a professional team with dedicated brokers and consultants experienced in automotive ...

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Chemical & Pharmaceuticals

Aon-COFCO Chemical & Pharmaceuticals provides risk management and insurance solutions for chemical and pharmaceuticals ...

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Aon-COFCO is the leading insurance provider in the Chinese entertainment industry. As part of Aon plc’s entertainment ...

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Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Fast Moving Consumer Goods focuses on providing insurance products and risk consulting services to domestic and overseas ...

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Food and Agribusiness

Food and Agribusiness Protecting your business from farm to fork’. China is vast in territory, rich in natural resources and ...

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The modern complexity and demands put on mining operations require their insurance and risk management programmes to be ...

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Aon-COFCO Construction, Power & Infrastructure (CPI) is our practice group dedicated to providing a broad range of risk ...

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Renewable Energy

Aon-COFCO Renewable Energy established in 2011, we dedicated solely to providing the highest level of service and customised ...

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Real Estate & Warehousing & Logistics

Aon-COFCO Real Estate, Warehousing and Logistics is a dedicated team with a core objective of delivering comprehensive portfolios ...

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Our Aon-COFCO Yacht Insurance team consists of experienced specialists with a unique understanding on local and global yacht ...

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