Organisations are under increasing pressure to control employee benefit costs, effectively communicate the value of benefit plans to employees and ensure legislative and regulatory compliance. They must also ensure that the benefits themselves are competitive and attract and retain employees. Aon-COFCO Health & Benefits partners with you to address all of these challenges. We are dedicated to delivering and managing “best-in-class” employee benefits solutions.

Aon-COFCO Health & Benefits partners with clients to make their benefits plans a sound business investment. Successful benefits programs create greater value for employers by promoting better health, productivity and quality of life.

Aon-COFCO Health & Benefits Delivers Value

Aon-COFCO Health & Benefits takes a long-term view of benefits management that aims to help companies achieve a balance between using benefits as a retention tool and managing escalating costs. We do this by offering:

  • End-to-end solutions to benefits management
  • Alignment of your benefit plans with corporate strategy and policies
  • Considerable purchasing leverage
  • Systematic and structured approach

Aon-COFCO Health & Benefits Approach

  • Our solutions aim to provide your organisation a systematic, transparent approach that includes the following elements:
  • Strategic Benefit Planning – Understanding your corporate needs and objectives to optimise/ harmonise benefits.
  • External Market Benchmark and Market Practice Sharing – Share market practice and design the best program that fits your situation.
  • Vendor Management – Developing specifications of your plan requirements and using our methodology to analyse and negotiate with insurers.
  • Plan Implementation – Implementing the various action items identified in the project and communicating the changes.
  • Ongoing Administration – Experienced Aon-COFCO administration and customer service professionals to assist with the various aspects of servicing your plan.
  • Communication Services – Developing an organised approach to communicating the plans and ensuring optimal utilisation.
  • Health & Wellness Programmes – Identifying the unique health issues driving costs and developing an effective strategy to address these issues.
  • Flexible Benefits – Developing a flexible benefits program me to include a sound mix of affordable benefit selections, communication, administration and ongoing service.
  • Global Benefits Management – Systematic approach to address strategic planning, integration with the global business and overall risk strategies and flexible human capital management.

Why Aon-COFCO Health & Benefits?

By underpinning the experience and skills of our consultants with our next generation benefits technology, we offer our clients unparalleled delivery of their employee benefits.

We provide market-leading consulting, broking and delivery services to clients and their employees across organisations of all sizes, geographies and industries.

The delivery of a new or amended benefits plan customised to an organisation is vital to the organisation’s success – both in terms of the impact to employees and in ensuring the benefits run smoothly and continue to offer best value.

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