Food and Agribusiness Protecting your business from farm to fork’. China is vast in territory, rich in natural resources and agricultural enterprises;however, China also suffers from a wide range of perils and natural disasters which directly impact agribusiness. Hindered by immature factories and poor infrastructure, the agribusiness is vulnerable to financial loss arising from damaged crops and supply chain disruption. Agriculture insurance helps to mitigate financial loss by providing a means to protect and reconstruct your agricultural facilities after a loss event.

In China, the entire country has implemented a governmentsubsidised agricultural insurance scheme where premium contributions are partially subsidised by government for certain crop and livestock insurances. Despite the government insurance scheme, the needs of large commercial farms are not fully satisfied; as the scheme is targeted to cover smaller farms in rural areas.

Large commercial farms require flexibility in their liability policies to protect the unique risks associated with flower nurseries, animal husbandry and aquatic breeding. These fast growing sectors are not insured within the governmentsubsidised programme, making tailored commercial agriculture insurance the preferred choice.

A tailored insurance policy and risk management strategy can assist in the sustainable development of an agricultural enterprise. Aon-COFCO has extensive experience in agricultural insurance, we work closely with insurers, reinsurers and risk consultants to identify and manage your risks by providing a customised insurance solution to protect your most valuable assets – your crops and livestock.

Our Company

Aon-COFCO Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd (Aon-COFCO) was granted a business license in October 2003 by CIRC, through the joining of the leading global risk and insurance broker, Aon plc and a local giant conglomerate, China National Cereals, Oil & Foodstuffs Corporation (COFCO). Aon-COFCO was the first joint venture broker to carry out insurance, reinsurance broking and risk management consulting nationwide.

COFCO was founded in 1949, now it is the largest agroproducts and diverse food producer and service provider in China. It is committed to create a fully integrated value chain ‘from farm to fork'.

Aon plc is the leading global provider of risk management, insurance and reinsurance brokerage, and human resources and outsourcing solutions. Aon’s history can be dated back to 1680.

Our Service

Our service extends to all sectors of the agriculture industry:

  • Plants and crops: covering single peril and multi peril for both crops and forestry.
  • Livestock: swine, poultry, dairy cow, meat cattle and other animals, covering loss caused by accident, natural hazard and extensions including mortality and government slaughter order.
  • Aquaculture: covering loss of aquatic products caused by accident, natural hazard, diseases and water pollution.

Aon-COFCO provides one-stop risk solutions and serves the whole industrial chain including food producing, process and distribution.

Our Strength

COFCO has built an entire integrated industrial chain, from crop planting, livestock breeding, grain and oil producing, meat process, dairy and wine products manufacturing, and distribution to end customers. Aon-COFCO has accumulated wealth of experience and understanding of the risks facing our agribusiness clients.

Aon plc is the recognised leader in insurance solutions for the food system, agribusiness and beverage industry. Each year we place approximately USD $1 billion in premiums into the market on behalf of our agribusiness and food system clients, and provide risk management and insurance services to the majority of food-related companies in Fortune 1000. With the support of Aon's global network and expertise, Aon-COFCO introduces advanced insurance products, reflecting international best practices to the local market. We are positioned to tailor comprehensive and flexible coverage to the agribusiness and to help you manage the risk contained in the whole supply chain.

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