Aon-COFCO is the leading insurance provider in the Chinese entertainment industry. As part of Aon plc’s entertainment practice, we have more than 100 dedicated entertainment insurance specialists based in Beijing, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, and the United Kingdom.

Who Do We Serve?

Many film and television directors, producers and other investors are drawn to China for its rich heritage, alluring locations and exciting stories. However, investors must understand all the possible financial exposures that might occur before they dive into China’s entertainment industry. A comprehensive insurance and risk management program can protect your business from cost overruns due to cast injury/illness/death, to loss of negatives, equipment damage, producer’s liability, and small damage to props, sets, etc.

Our Services and Products

Aon-COFCO Entertainment places all lines of insurance required by film and TV productions, including:

  • Completion Guarantee
    A performance guarantee issued to provide that a motion picture will be completed and delivered to the distributor within budget, in accordance with the script and on schedule.
  • Cast Insurance
    Covers extra costs incurred when a scheduled artist isunable to fulfill their contract due to death, injury or illness.
  • Props, Set & Wardrobe Insurance
    In the event that vital property is lost, damaged or destroyed.
  • Extra Expenses
    Covers out-of-pocket costs when production is interrupted, postponed or cancelled due to damage to property or facilities.
  • Third Party Property Damage Insurance
    Covers damages arising from injury to or destruction of the property while in the insured’s care, custody or control.
  • Miscellaneous Equipment Insurance
    Covers the value of camera, sound and lighting equipment, mobile equipment or similar property if it is lost, damaged, or destroyed.
  • Negative Film Insurance
    Covers extra expenditure incurred to re-photograph, re-tape, recreate or reprogram as a result of loss of, damage to or destruction of videotape stock, raw film stock or blank media.
  • Errors & Omissions (Producer’s Liability) Insurance
    Covers legal liability arising from allegations of unauthorized use of titles, format, ideas, characters or plots; plagiarism, unfair competition, libel, slander, defamation of character and/ or invasion of privacy.
  • Public Liability Insurance
    Protects the producer in claims of bodily injury and property damage from the third party during shooting period
  • Employer’s Liability
    Protects the producer in claims of work-related personal injury of employees.

Why Aon-COFCO Entertainment?

Aon-COFCO is part of Aon plc’s leading position as the largest global provider of risk management and insurance brokerage
to the entertainment industry. Aon-COFCO entertainment insurance experts provide solutions for many of the largest film and television productions in China. Aon-COFCO works shoulder-to-shoulder with dedicated industry professionals in China to ensure a sustainable growth the Chinese television and film industry.

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