Aon Global Risk Consulting (AGRC) is comprised of subject matter experts who offer a fully integrated range of services from risk identification and control to assessment and risk finance, to help you understand and evaluate risks and their impact on your risk management process.

We aim to provide our clients with comprehensive and tailored solutions through a consistent and global approach. With 2,000 staff globally in over 90 countries, Aon Global Risk Consulting is one of the largest risk consulting organisations in the world. In Asia, our AGRC team is made of over 60 dedicated professionals across the region.

We provide services to large to mid-tier companies who are focused on investment in risk management. Industries with higher risk exposure, such as manufacturing, high-technology, oil & gas, energy and construction are often heavy users of our services. Leveraging Aon's most extensive owned network of global resources, local knowledge and industry expertise, we provide a wide range of solutions listed below.

Our Solutions and Products

  • Property Risk Control Assessment - Provides on-site risk assessment to assist our clients with property risk control at their facilities, reduces the probability of a property damage and possibly consequential business interruption loss.
  • Fire Hazard - Provides clients with professional fire risk consulting services, and assists clients to become a firerisk- controlled company.
  • Project Risk Management - Provides advice on building the risk management system and protection standard to fulfill different aspects of need, such as operational efficiency, financial constraints, local codes, international best practices, corporate standards and insurance requirements.
  • Overseas Project Risk Profiling - Provides support and protection for preliminary strategic decisions, implementation and success of overseas projects. Integrated with the Chinese Government’s “Go Global” strategy and our global resources, we provide solutions for Chinese companies on overseas construction and investment projects as well as comprehensive risk assessment tool to identify, analyse and respond to risk mitigation and transfer.
  • Hotel Fire Life Safety & Security (FLS) - We are the designated FLS consultant for a large number of leading global hotel chains, providing them with bespoke consultation to their individual requirements.
  • Occupational Health & Safety Management System - Assists clients to develop a comprehensive occupational health & safety management programme based on worksite characteristics, domestic & international best practices and local laws & regulations (following ISO 18000)
  • Health & Safety Training - Designs tailor-made training materials and conducts safety trainings, based on different characteristics of workplaces, for various workers on-site.
  • Construction Safety - Provides safety guidance based on specific conditions of each construction site, from site design to the completion. Assists site developing and implements effective health and safety management systems, to ensure the project completes on schedule and avoids any delays due to injury and/or accidents.
  • Ergonomics - Uses tailored and scientific measures to design a workplace that ensures workplace efficiency, whilst reducing workers’ tiredness and discomfort.
  • Behavior Safety Management - Analyses, and studies the factors and scenarios that impacting a person’s behavior safety. By understanding the human behaviors, manager can prevent behavior errors and control unsafe actions, eventually establish a culture where everyone thinks and acts safety first.
  • Product Recall Plan - Develops product recall management plan in line with national regulations to deal with potential recall risks.
  • Supply Chain Risk Profiling - A systematic process to identify, analyse and treat risks associated with supply chain components, to ensure uninterruptible delivery of services and products to customers.
  • Risk Accounting - Provides forensic accounting and advice to help clients obtain the best insurance coverage and claim in respect of the following insured risks: pre-loss business interruption, post- loss business interruption and material damage.
  • Valuation Services - A market leader in the valuation and reconciliation of tangible assets and audit services for land, buildings, plant, machinery and infrastructure. Our experts utilise cutting-edge technology, in-depth industry knowledge and global resources to deliver varied and diverse valuation and asset management consulting services to corporates and government bodies.
  • Machinery Breakdown Risk Engineering Services - Provides machinery breakdown risk engineering services for various businesses, ranging from real estate, manufacturing to power plant, etc. Analyses physical damages and business interruption exposures.

Why Aon Global Risk Consulting?

In China, we have more than 20 consultants, based in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Our team is comprised of experienced risk engineers including Highly Protected Risk (HPR) consultants, property risk consultants, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) consultants, certified boiler & machinery inspectors, with an average of 15 years experience. Through our “Global Experience and Local Knowledge”, we provide our clients with exceptional technical solutions to protect their valuable assets, people and environment.

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