As organisations push the boundaries of business and geography, the world becomes a place of opportunity and exposes us to new risks. Aon Global Client Network provides you a single point of contact to a world of resources. We provide world-class risk solutions for world-class organisations, delivered consistently around the globe.

Setting the Standard for Global Risk Management

Effective insurance protection and seamless global service is essential for organisations operating on an international scale. Risks related to business, politics and economics are escalated by language barriers, cultural challenges and complex government regulations.

Aon Global Client Network (AGCN) was formed to meet the needs of our multinational clients and connect them to our expertise, counsel and resources available in over 120 countries, including Aon-Cofco’s operations in China.

AGCN works with our clients to manage the risks associated with cross-border business, including effective programme execution, compliance, programme optimisation and the development of multinational and local risk finance solutions to support our clients’ objectives.


A Single Point of Contact for a world of resources

Our AGCN team is dedicated to provide optimal solutions aligned with your organisation’s global risk management and insurance strategies. Over 1,200 AGCN professionals are trained and dedicated to the design, implementation and management of global programmes.

Each one of our multinational clients has a dedicated AGCN account director to provide oversight and coordination of their entire risk programme. AGCN account directors ensure consistency in delivery and identification of and access to Aon’s vast global resources.

A World of Resources

Aon-COFCO is part of Aon plc’s majority owned risk network which is the largest in the world; unsurpassed in geographic breadth and depth of talent. We have more experts, greater amounts of risk data and more leverage with insurance markets than any other global risk advisor. Through our global network, we are able to provide superior access to insurance markets as well as best in class programme management at the global and local level.

Global Network Combined with Local Knowledge

Although we own the largest global branch network in the industry, we never forget the importance of local knowledge and delivery. We combine people and local expertise into a cohesive global team to help you comply with local laws, regulations and transactional issues while providing you the best solutions and service. All AGCN professionals understand the balance between local insurance customs and global risk management objectives.

We provide the delivery and support you need, in one country, several countries or around the world – in any combination at any level you need – national, international, or global, working alongside your people to deliver results.

Industry Specific Expertise

To help our clients reduce volatility, stabilise earnings, and control pre-loss and post-loss risk exposures in today’s complex business environment, we have formed various industry groups to offer in-depth industry specific expertise. Leveraging our knowledge and tools, AGCN provides you with unique insight and bespoke solutions for a wide spectrum of industries through our dedicated network of risk professionals. Here are some examples of our industry-focused groups available to
our clients globally and/or regionally:

  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Chemical Industry
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Food & Beverage
  • Global Large Conglomerates
  • Hospitality
  • Pharmaceutical & Health Care Equipment
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Technology Telecommunications & Media Capital Goods
  • Retail, Wholesales, Trading and Consumer Marketing
  • Steel, Metals, Capital Goods and Heavy Industry
  • “General” Manufacturing (white goods, soft goods, electronics, etc.)
  • Transportation & Logistics

Our Pledge to You

The core of Aon-COFCO is our commitment to our clients. Our people and the teams they lead combined with proprietary strategies, solutions and tools altogether represent our industry-leading network of risk professionals. We partner with our clients to deliver quality service, advocacy and high degree of market leverage and expertise.

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