Aon-COFCO Chemical & Pharmaceuticals provides risk management and insurance solutions for chemical and pharmaceuticals enterprises. Our clients include some of the world’s largest chemical & pharmaceuticals enterprises, local chemical magnets, as well as rapidly growing small and medium enterprises.

Aon-COFCO Chemical & Pharmaceuticals established in 2006. In China, our team is made of over 20 dedicated professionals with extensive experience in this unique market. With the rich experience and industry knowledge, Aon-COFCO Chemical & Pharmaceuticals has earned industry leading reputation.

Our Solutions and Products

Insurance Placement & Risk Management
Aon-COFCO Chemical & Pharmaceuticals provides our client a full range of insurance broking and risk management consulting services. We have in-depth knowledge across all risk types including: property damage and business interruption risks, public and products liability, employer’s liability, marine and inland transit, construction and erection all risks, fidelity guarantee, etc.

We offer viable insurance solutions and customised risk management strategies for your company in the view of your current business stage and peculiar demands, including:

  • Insurance Transaction Services
    Through our extensive industry expertise, we offer the bespoke insurance programmes with competitive pricing and broader coverage to fit your particular riskmanagement needs.
  • Risk Information Analysis
    By reviewing the background, data, and claim records of our client, we are able to conduct a detailed risk analysis on your specific needs, and offer viable risk transfer and mitigation solutions.
  • Risk Engineering Services
    Our specialty team offers risk engineering services, like:
  1. – Risk control survey
  2. – Develop safety & loss control programmes
  3. – Fire protection design review
  4. – Business continuity planning
  5. – Health & safety audit
  6. – Risk protection training
  • Insurance Program Design
    We develop everything from specific insurance solutions to tailor made insurance programs to meet your specific needs.
  • Coverage / Policy Wording Review
    For all new clients we closely review their existing insurance programs before we advise on program design and what recommended improvements. Routine review of coverage and wording will be implemented before and after policy issuance.
  • Terms and Condition Negotiation
    Given our industry leading position and strong relationship with local underwriters, we possess a superior ability to negotiate the best possible terms.
  • Reinsurance Sessions Negotiation with Local Carriers
    If the capacities of local insurance carriers are not sufficient, we also have reinsurance expertise to ensure every case is properly placed and insured. and pricing in the interest of our clients.
  • Premium Flow Management
    We arrange optional modes of premium payment, including: payment in installments or pay-in-full; either direct to insurer or through Aon-COFCO. In addition, we track the timely payment of premiums to insure your policy remains valid.
  • Seamless Interfacing Between Global & Local Programmes
    Before arranging local insurance program, we will take the prudent step of reviewing the terms and conditions of your global programme (in applicable), to ensure there are no gaps between the coverage of global and local insurance programs.

Efficient Claims Handling
We can help you to be better prepared for handling losses and obtain prompt claims settlement by providing you a full range of pre-loss and post-loss claims services. Our claims expertise includes:

  • Customised claim manual design
  • Claims presentation and training
  • Professional advice on tackling urgent and unforeseen matters
  • Claim report assistance
  • Policy liability negotiation
  • Claims management information sharing
  • Claims data analysis

Why Aon-COFCO Chemical Pharmaceutical?

  • Knowledge of chemical & pharmaceutical industry
  • Market intelligence
  • Strong relationship with local underwriters and
  • Understanding of government agencies
  • Solid reputation amongst existing client base
  • Extensive business networks in China, with head office in Shanghai


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