Aon-COFCO Corporate Social Responsibility – 2014 Aon Global Service Day

Aon-COFCO united its staff in multi-themed social welfare activities nationwide to celebrating Global Service Day (GSD), Aon’s annual day of volunteerism. By 12 June, Aon-COFCO 2014 GSD Series activities have been successfully organized in all Aon-COFCO footprints across the country.

Shanghai GSD activities were organized on May 16 at Shanghai Yangpu Grand Theatre revolving three themes: Food Safety, Health Management and Aon-COFCO internal donations. Shanghai GSD event gained strong support from both Yangpu Kongjiang Community and the local residents.

Around 300 local residents benefited from the consultations provided by Aon-COFCO staff in Food Safety, Health Management and the donations provided by both the company and its staff. Beside the 10 sets of secondhand computers (5 sets of desktop computers and 5 laptops) donated by Aon-COFCO, the staff also actively participated for donations. A total of RMB 3,352 cash donation was raised by Aon-COFCO staff throughout the event, which will go to Shanghai Charity Foundation, for financially struggling families in Yangpu District’s. Books, toys and other items were also raised by staff to the Yangpu District Kongjiang community for the Seniors Center, the Seniors Dining Room and Mental Disability Advocacy Center.

On the Farming Festival held by Migrant Workers Home on April 19, Aon-COFCO 2014 GSD in Beijing carried out farming and charity sales activities at Pinggu’s solidarity farm and orchard. Under the collaboration of the whole staff, more than two hundred seeds were planted. In addition, charity donation session was another theme of the event. Charity sales of secondhand goods included clothes, stationery, electronic products. All the proceeds will be donated to the new worker group public welfare education institutions.

In addition to the activities in Beijing and Shanghai, all other Aon-COFCO branches, including Guangzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu, Shenzhen and Shenyang. More than 400 members of the staff reunited their effort throughout this celebration, serving a total of nearly 800 hours for the benefit of the community.

Inheritance Aon global service spirit; never stop carrying out common wealth!

Aon-COFCO Corporate Social Responsibility – 2014 Aon Global Service Day Activities Summary

Shanghai May 16 Food Safety, Health Management and Aon-COFCO internal donation
Beijing Apr 19 Joined in Farming Festival held by Migrant Workers Home
Guangzhou Jun 11 Caring to homeless pets
Nanjing May 18 Senior Center Servicing
Chengdu May 30 Donation for rebuild of soccer gate to Chengdu SOS Children's village
Shenzhen Jun 10 Picking up litter on Xichong beach
Shenyang Jun 12 Visiting autism children

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