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Jinan, referred to as "Ji", also known as the “Spring City” for its 72 famous springs, is the capital of Shandong Province in Eastern China. It is a sub-provincial city, the core city of Jinan Metropolitan Area, and the central city on the south wing of the Bohai Rim region approved by the State Council.

Established on November 9, 2017, Aon-COFCO Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd. Jinan Branch is the eighth office that Aon-COFCO opened up in China, further improving Aon-COFCO’s regional market layout. The establishment of Jinan Branch aims to provide faster and more convenient local services for customers in Shandong and surrounding areas. At present, Aon-COFCO Jinan Branch can provide customers with services in risk management consulting, insurance brokerage and reinsurance brokerage, claim settlement and employee’s health and welfare consulting.

Aon-COFCO Jinan Branch will stay customer-oriented as well as sticking to the company’s strategic development commitment, and continue to focus on various risks existing in the development of enterprises in Shandong, provide risk management consulting services and formulate various personalized risk solutions. Jinan Branch dedicates to serving the Belt and Road Initiative, the marine economy, and the old-to-new energy shift in Shandong etc., so as to escort the government’ s work and enterprises’ growth and make due contributions to Shandong's economic development.

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